Our Clients

Some of the world's most respected - and most important - companies are using TransClick's products:
IBM needed a real-time translation partner that could customize linguistic data for NATO. They selected TransClick for technology integrated with IBM Lotus-Sametime Enterprise instant messenger, along with TransClick customized dictionaries and software to make it possible for several countries to collaborate.

Business Cases

Business person is in a foreign country. They need to make a request but don't speak or write in the local language. Business person types message in their own language and speaks/sends translated (by Transclick) communication to intended audience.

Business person needs to contact the right person in a foreign organization. They send a communication but the mid-level manager they need to go through isn't bilingual. Business person types message and sends Transclick's translated message to clarify circumstances and to move request along.

Business person gets foreign language request. They need to know what it says but can't get it translated until tomorrow. Business person submits to Tranclick to get the gist of the content or higher accuracy using customized microglossaries. The value of speed and intelligibility and actionable business intelligence and customer feedback transmitted into one's native or preferred language, transmitted across the language barrier in real-time is more important than waiting for publication accuracy.  

Business person is looking for content in knowledge repository. They find a piece in a foreign language and read it in the foreign language to the best of their ability. Business person then applies real time translation to corroborate their basic understanding of the content in their primary language.

Why Choose TransClick?

What are the advantages of TransClick Translation??


  1. It gives an instant idea of the meaning of document or email content.
  2. It is available 24 hours a day.
  3. TransClick allows for collaborative knowledge transfer such as blogs and wikis, as well as real time knowledge transfer such as messaging, and email and webcasting.
  4. Transclick's technology can be accessed on any device and any operating system by licensing the Transclick API and customizing dictionaries for any context or industry vertical or email + instant messaging text translation downloadable on most mobile internet smartphones and SMS translation on 2G phones.
  5. Basic use of the Transclick technology in a professional environment is made up of machine translation and human edited glossary of terms; in combination they serve to achieve top quality translations but in some cases only provide interpersonal quality communications.
  6. Advanced use of the Transclick technology includes machine translation, human edited glossary of terms, and human post editing, in either real time or as queue requests.   This combination can support publication quality results when aligned with appropriate staffing.